Getting Aligned, Celebrating Beginnings

Getting Aligned, Celebrating Beginnings

November 30, 2016

This year four intensely creative and talented Brooklynites came together and created Aligned – a beautifully designed online journal devoted to bringing us insightful real life stories about passion and struggle, stunning photo essays, and gatherings to serve a community of curious and conscious individuals.

To celebrate the launch of Aligned, the team held a candle and crystal lit gathering at the Brooklyn Yoga Club for the community of early supporters. We were so happy to provide our cushions as seating for a guided meditation led by Jocelyn Stern, a lovely vegetarian dinner prepared by Victoria Salvadore, and live music by Dylan Ebrahimian.

Check out Aligned's feature on this night and their website for beautiful prose and visuals. Follow @alignedmag on Instagram.
Many thanks to Vin Treglia and Jess Kulick for providing these great photos by Parker Peterson.

The talented Aligned team: Rochelle Reynosa, Ryan LeMere, Jess Kulick, Vin Treglia