Refuge & Retreat in Nicaragua

Refuge & Retreat in Nicaragua

March 27, 2017

The main intention of starting SAMAYA in the first place was to support the meditation practice of many people while planting seeds for peace that would continue to spread beyond just the immediate people we touched with our products. This idea blossomed from our own meditation practice and study grown from our time spent at Three Jewels here in New York City which quickly became a place so very close and dear to our hearts.

Three Jewels is a Tibetan Buddhist dharma center in downtown New York City offering incredible dharma, meditation, and yoga classes all on donation basis. They're especially known for their offering of the Asian Classics Institute series which are 15 comprehensive courses on the teachings of the Hinayana and Mahayana schools of Buddhism. Within the walls of the third floor center in downtown New York are incredible, generous and masterful teachers, and a warm, loving, and supportive community. It has been a truly amazing place to grow and inspire our practice, giving us so many reflections of ourselves to further challenge us in much needed ways.

Earlier this month, Three Jewels had their first abroad meditation retreat led by our beloved teacher Hector Marcel exploring the Heart Sutra at the gorgeous Apoyo Lodge. We were so happy to provide them comfortable seats for all the multiple daily meditation sessions they'd be having. We feel fortunate to be able to give back in this small way for all the transformative teachings and experiences we received from this amazing community.

Many thanks to Hector Marcel and Stephen Mcmanus for these beautiful photos.
Follow Three Jewels @threejewelsnyc and see their offerings on their website.