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Each round cushion is about 14” wide and 6” tall.
Our cushions generally come on the overfilled side to accommodate for after the breaking in period. With use, your cushion will settle in with the contours of your body. If you’d like to adjust the height further, you can remove the appropriate amount of filling, easily accessible by the hidden zipper on the interior cover.

Filling Content
Every cushion contains over 5 lbs of our SAMAYA custom blend:
Organic buckwheat hulls for springy support
Organic millet hulls for plushness
A touch of dried lavender to help you relax and focus your senses
All ingredients are grown and sourced in the US. 

Fabric Content
This is a medium weight fabric with a dry, smooth hand feel.
55% poly, 45% linen

Always remove outer cover.
For smaller stains, spot clean with lukewarm water and mild soap.
Gentle wash cycle in cold water with like colors and hang dry.
Dry clean optional.
With very frequent use, some pilling may occur. A few swipes with an electronic sweater lint remover can easily remove pilling.
Do not get interior cushion with filling wet.

Made in the US
All our cushions made with love and care in our own production facility.
Free US shipping & returns