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Round Cushion Extended Info - B

All of our products are made at our factory in Los Angeles, CA.
Whenever possible, we source our buckwheat hulls from a facility in North Carolina that
provides employment opportunities to adults with mental disabilities.

• Designed to help you sit up straight with ease so you can meditate longer
• Elevates your seat to take strain off your hips and legs
• Allows for extended spine and torso to give diaphragm full capacity for
deeper breathing to stay relaxed and focused

    Every cushion contains more than 5.5 lbs of our SAMAYA all natural custom blend:
    organic buckwheat hulls for springy support
    organic millet hulls for plushness
    dried lavender to help you relax and focus your senses.

    The outer cover is removable for convenient dry cleaning,
    spot cleaning, or hand washing (except velvets).
    Hang to dry.

    At 14" wide and 6" tall, our cushion offers plenty of elevation for your
    hips to provide the ideal posture for longer, deeper meditations.
    The height is easily adjustable by removing filling to your preferred level.