Giving & Receiving

In support of the International Rescue Committee, we donate a portion of every sale to help create a future where all people thrive.

We created SAMAYA as a direct result of our meditation study that encompassed a practice of compassion and planting intentional seeds. Since the brand's conception, the idea of giving was integral to our mission and vision. This idea of multiple good actions supported by one ultimate intention that continues to grow and thrive is incredibly important to us.

On the most superficial level, SAMAYA strives to provide all of us a better way to meditate which then allows us a better way to connect and serve others. While most of us are fortunate enough to live in an environment that enables us to practice meditation and self care, there are millions of people in our generation barely getting by in some of the most devastating situations of uncertainty, violence, and suffering. In taking care of ourselves through our practice, we can also help take care of others. Part of all SAMAYA's proceeds go towards the International Rescue Committee and their tremendous worldwide effort to provide safety and support to refugees.

The IRC is a world renown non-profit non-governmental organization founded at the request of Albert Einstein in 1933 and has made a huge impact in countries facing some of the worst humanitarian crises. In just the last year of 2016, they have provided support to over 26 million people providing healthcare, education, job training, financial aid, and assistance in resettling in safe, new homes.

Here's how each dollar gifted can translate into value for the people we support:

$36 – Safe Passage
$58 – A Year of School
$68 – Emergency Food for Children
$105 – School Clothing for Girls

It's a full circle of giving and receiving as we take comfort and mental refuge on our meditation cushions that we can provide some comfort and refuge to those who are truly sufferings. Thank you to everyone for making this possible.