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Ruby Saddle Cushion
James (Cape Town, ZA)
A Blessing

I couldn't be more happy with the cushion. The design and materials that are used make for an incredibly comfortable and versatile meditation cushion. I use it for sitting during meditation, when doing Tibetan yogas and for sitting at my desk throughout the day. I have an injury throughout my left side that flares up very quickly when sitting cross-legged and this cushion has offered much relief. I literally wouldn't have been able to go on retreat if it wasn't for the cushion - I can now sit for long periods of time without the pain arising as quickly or as intensely.

I have long legs and my hips are not the most open, but somewhere in the middle and I doubted whether the cushion would suit my constitution. I am pleasantly surprised at how accommodating the cushion is!

I am so grateful to SAMAYA and Dr. Nida-la for this offering. A true blessing.

Ruby Saddle Cushion
Martin Metzger (Wilmette, US)

Wonderful investment! You can use cushion in many different ways. It is wonderfully crafted and beautiful as well. Highly recommend!

Wheat Deluxe 2-Piece Set
Sam W (Santa Fe, US)
The best meditation cushion set out there!

Absolutely love this set :) Incredibly well made and feels great for practice.

Ruby Saddle Cushion
Justin (Cosenza, IT)
Excellent meditation cushion

What a wonderful meditation cushion. Comfortable and suitable for regular meditation as well as more specialized tantric types of meditation. I can’t recommend this highly enough!!!

Stone Saddle Cushion
Erick Mendoza (Sacramento, US)
Yogic perfection

This cushion can only be described as yogic perfection. For almost 15 years I’ve always used the same black cushion filled with coffee bean husks, because I take my meditation cushion seriously and never felt satisfied try with anything else. This high-tech karmamudra cushion is just what I needed for all my yogic practices, including Tsalung Trulkhor. I keep thinking of all the thoughtfulness put into its design. It’s very dynamic, as I use different angles and rest on it as my practices go and I sink deeply into deeper postures. Using it for just a little bit in a pose has allowed me to sink deeper into stretches and posture that I wouldn’t feel comfortable before. So the cushion and the possibilities that it offers are very dynamic, it is a great companion for the six yogas and more. Now I sit on it all the time even to take video calls.
In picture the cushion with the impact mat I use for Tsalung Trulkhor and Tummo.

Bardot Standard Round Cushion
David Littlejohn (Chattanooga, US)

Bardot Standard Round Cushion

Cove Flat Cushion
Emily Arth (South Pasadena, US)
Zero Customer Service

I need to return part of an order. I reached out well within the 10 day return period FOUR TIMES and no one will return my emails. I haven’t even taken the cushion out of the box. You will find it’s impossible to find a phone number for this company. Beware - very sketchy. I’m having to contact my credit card company to dispute the charge. Such a hassle.

Basalt Standard 2-Piece Set
Customer (Portland, US)
Beautiful and well made

This was even better in real life. Love the quality and it looks great.

Stone Standard 2-Piece Set
Trista Granberry (Dallas, US)
Meditation Studio at the Office

I ordered these cushions for my office and they are loved by everyone!!

Stone Standard Round Cushion
SM (Raymond, US)
Stone Round Cushion

I purchased this cushion as I normally sit on the floor and use our coffee table when I paint my nails or play board games with the family. The round cushion is perfect! Looking to purchase more. Thank you. Made in the USA & free shipping. Can’t beat that.

Odetta Deluxe 2-Piece Set
M. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Unreserved luxury & quality

Smitten with my new Odetta Deluxe 2-Piece Set. An alluring pattern of dancing flora and paisleys in shades of blue, green, and gold in a lightly distressed print on a creamy linen blend. I like to think of this as my go-to enlightenment lotus-like throne. I'm so looking forward to my ME time. 🙏🏻 “Meditation is having the courage to be silent and alone. Slowly slowly, you start feeling a new quality to yourself, a new aliveness, a new beauty, a new intelligence— which is not borrowed from anybody but is from growing within you. It has roots in your existence.” —Rajneesh

Carbon Standard Round Cushion
Destiny Muhammad (Fairburn, US)

It’s not soft. It’s too firm and not big enough, even for a small woman. I didn’t think the price is worth it.

Carbon Standard 2-Piece Set
Madalyn Wasilczuk (Grayslake, US)
Received this solicitation for a review even though I didn't order

I hope my information has not been used to purchase items.

Wheat Standard 2-Piece Set
Megan Peter (Spring Grove, US)
Never ordered

Why did I receive a message that my order was filled 14 days ago? I have not ordered anything.

Velvet Blush Deluxe 2-Piece Set
Janis Williams (Santa Fe, US)

I don’t remember buying this item, and I have not received anything matching this description. Please advise.

Kasuma Standard Round Cushion
Jessie Rivera (Akron, US)

I love my meditation cushion! It’s very comfortable and helps me set upright without slouching

Basalt Standard Round Cushion
Kendra (Jensen Beach, US)
Comfort Cushion

When I was little I had a favorite blanket. It was an item that carried my hopes, dreams, emotions, energies. Now I have a meditation cushion. It gives me comfort as I manifest joy, peace, surrender, calm. It's all I need as a happy place.

Terra Standard Round Cushion
Andrew Viny (San Francisco, US)

Terra Round Cushion

Wheat Round Cushion
Deanna Carruthers s (New York, US)

Wheat Round Cushion

Basalt Flat Cushion
JC (Westport, US)
Very comfortable

I have injured my hip flexor, but this cushion allows me to sit comfortably. Excellent quality.

Velvet Blush Deluxe 2-Piece Set
Brooks Rocco (New York, US)
Gorgeous Set

Without a doubt, the most striking, comfortable, and luxurious zafu and zabaton set I've ever sat upon.

Stone Flat Cushion
Octavia (Santa Monica, US)
Love it!

I love Samaya products! I had the stone round cushion and finally decided to buy the stone flat cushion to go with it. Both are super comfortable, the right thickness and they look great!

Luna Deluxe 2-Piece Set
Tarah (Morongo Valley, US)
The Rolls Royce of Meditation Cushions

Okay, so I never write reviews, but this one needed to be said. I have never been a meditator... I would try to sit on a cushion and be instantly uncomfortable, or I would lay down and promptly fall asleep lol. I was hesitant to try another bolster because I have tried them in the past and they didn't work, and this one is not cheap. I bought the set thinking "If this doesn't work than nothing will" and lo and behold I sat on the cushion without pain for the first time!! My first time on it I sat for almost 30 min without pain (whaaaaaat). And as I have been using it over the past month, every time I sit it gets easier and easier. Thank you Samaya for saving my overactive brain and giving me a place to just sit in stillness!!!

Carbon Standard Round Cushion
Melissa M (Greenwich, US)
Love this cushion!

To be honest I was a bit apprehensive dropping so much money on a meditation cushion, but I am beyond happy I did. This cushion has truly exceeded my expectations and has added so much value to my meditation/yoga practice. Couldn't be more happy with the purchase!!

Stardust Standard 2-Piece Set
Juliana (Madison, US)
Love it! Should have gotten it sooner.

I was on the fence about getting a meditation cushion but my friend suggested this one. I went a sea of internet surfing, looking for the right one. Really glad I choose this! I can sit on it for long periods of time and it keeps your back straight and chest open. really love this and even sit on it when I am not meditating.