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About Us


SAMAYA is an emerging lifestyle brand centered around meditation, home, and design. Based in New York City, it was founded by fashion designer Liz Sung and tech engineer Alan Weissman who were searching for a better meditation cushion, and began to make their own for their home practice. SAMAYA evolved from a deep love and study of meditation with a purpose for comfort and design. Taking long used tools and adapting them with a modern aesthetic, we serve a generation moving towards a mindful and conscious way of living. All products are currently made in the U.S. with an ethical approach to sourcing and production. 


Co-Founders Liz Sung & Alan Weissman
About Us - Liz Sung & Alan Weissman


"When a vase has been filled by the dripping of water, 

The first drops themselves did not fill it alone; 
Nor was it made full by the last several drops. 
It was filled by an interdependent collection
Of causes and forces that came all together— 
The water, the pourer, the vase and such things."

– The Wheel of Sharp Weapons by Dharmaraksita