SAMAYA was founded by Liz Sung in New York City. Born and raised in New York City, Liz comes from a family of artists and entrepreneurs, and has a background in branding and fashion design. After a physical injury and personal obstacles, Liz took on a meditation practice through Tibetan Buddhist philosophy which had significant impact on her life. 

As she built a practice space in her home, she created her own cushions that offered the level of comfort and quality she was looking for. Liz’s aim was to create tools that help develop meditation into a joyful habit with more ease, and help cultivate a practice that blends seamlessly with the rest of our life so we can bring the things we've gained on the cushion, off the cushion. 

With conscientious resolve towards ethical production with less waste, appreciation for beauty and functional design, and a rigorous eye for detail, Liz’s experience and background show up in the design, construction, materials, and energy of SAMAYA.

SAMAYA is an offering and invitation to use meditation to achieve the things we all ultimately want – to be happy and free.