SAMAYA was founded in New York City where Liz Sung previously worked as a brand designer then fashion designer of contemporary womenswear. Every season she went on production trips to Hong Kong and China, and saw firsthand the waste that goes into mass production. Working long hours for years to feed the consumerism beast took the joy and creativity out of design, and left a feeling of lost connection and no genuine purpose. After a physical injury and personal obstacles, Liz took a hiatus and delved deeper into meditation through Tibetan Buddhist philosophy that had a significant and transformative impact. As she built a practice space in her home, she saw there weren’t any meditation cushions that were truly comfortable, durable, and appealed to the modern meditator. Using her experience in fashion, she made her own cushion with the same patternmakers and sewing teams that worked on ready-to-wear collections seen on runways of New York Fashion Week. SAMAYA grew organically from that first cushion sample to support meditators all around the world. Liz’s background in graphic design, fashion and textile design, and production show up in SAMAYA’s designs, construction, materials, and attention to detail.